Patterns for Fresh and Fun Bagwear and Accessories

About Us

Lockwood & Webb Designs is made up of two friends who met online.  Their friendship started in 2014, and despite one living in Australia and the other in Canada, they have managed to always make time for each other, support each other,  & eventually work together!  What could be better than working with your bestie???

In 2017 Natell & her husband had the opportunity to visit Canada & they made sure that their plans included Alberta.  It was absolutely wonderful for the two friends to finally meet in PERSON!  The only complaint; their time together was way too short!

I’m Gwen the “Lockwood” part of Lockwood & Webb Designs,  and I live with my wonderful family in Southern Alberta, Canada. 

I have been sewing for as long as I can remember.  Clothing, home décor, and quilting, then after coming across some wonderful bag patterns, I decided to try bagmaking.  Well it was instant love!  Over the years I have pattern tested for many amazing designers and through this experience have gained valuable knowledge of this art.  Of course, there is always something new to learn & that’s what I enjoy most about this journey.  One thing has led to another, and now I find myself designing bag patterns & working daily with my dearest friend.  Things couldn’t be better!

If you are looking for a ready or custom made item please head over to my Etsy page GMLDesignsCA or contact me via my Facebook page GML Designs

And I’m Natell, the “Webb” part of this team and I live Brisbane, Australia, a half a world away from Gwen!

I am a Graphic Designer and Illustrator by trade and have spent most of my life sewing. A number of years ago, I decided I needed a new wallet and just couldn’t find what I wanted in the stores. I came across the Necessary Clutch Wallet pattern and my love affair with bag making began!!!!! That one little pattern has led me in directions I could never have imagined, and to making friends all over the world!  During the last few years I took the plunge and began designing my own bag patterns. Being able to create patterns with Gwen, my amazing partner and best friend is a true joy!

If you are looking for a ready or custom made item please head over to my Etsy page Tanglewebb Design website Tanglewebb Studio or contact me via my Facebook page Tanglewebb Design.

We hope you too find that 'one little pattern' that changes your life in ways you could never imagine!