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Hi Everybody & Welcome to the brand new Lockwood and Webb website and blog! 

We hope you will join us on our little adventure in the pattern making world.  Here you will find links to our patterns, hardware bundles, news of upcoming patterns and YouTube videos.

With all things new comes a new pattern; we would like to introduce to you our 'Little Robin' Accessory Holder.


The Robin is a symbol of Renewal, Passion & and New Beginnings and we feel that with the new website this is the perfect time for her to be added to our available patterns.  She is a lovely little accessory that can easily be attached to any bag.  Use the additional strap to attach her to wider handles, or without and easily clip her on using the attached swivel clasp.  Either way we are sure you will love your Robin!

The Little Robin is written for those textiles that can be left raw edged like Cork, Vinyl or Leather and is the perfect scrap buster.  Add a Robin to any bag as a little extra "Thank You" to your customers or make a bunch to sell at a local sale.

Our Robin is our gift of gratitude to YOU, our clients to thank you for your continued support.  If you would like a copy,  please sign up for our newsletter and we will email you your discount code, or for those who prefer not to sign up she is also available for purchase.

We look forward to seeing lots of beautiful Robins!  Happy Sewing!

Natell & Gwen




  • Congratulations!

    I must have have missed something as I can’t find how to download the pattern.
    Help Please

    JoAnne Jackson
  • The two of you are a match made in heaven. I’m loving what you’re building together.

    Geez! That sounds like I’m talking about your 10th wedding anniversary. Did you break the news to your husbands yet? 😉

  • This is very exciting…Congratulations!!!

  • Website looks beautiful, ladies! Congratulations x


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