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From The Land Down Under to the Great White North ..... We are all in this together

In the world today, it really doesn't matter where you are fromwe are all fighting the same battle against the Coronavirus.  We have taken precautions and done what we can to help keep our family & friends safe.  Out of necessity we have made masks, stayed away from loved ones & changed our daily routines.  From these changes, certain small things can help make the "new norm" a little easier and that is why our Little Wren was created.

I have always been the type of person who carried hand sanitizer in her purse.  If I needed it, I knew it was there. It wasn't until I needed to actually use it on a regular basis that I soon realized having the sanitizer bottle IN my purse was not where I needed it to beit needed to be readily accessible.  I know there are many holders available but most are either plastic or clothneither of these were something I wanted on my leather handbag!  So what do us creative types do?  Well we create, that's what!  

Our Little Wren is the perfect accessory to hang on any bag, backpack or even from the belt loop on your jeanswhich is great for those times when we aren't carrying a bag or for the guys!   We have designed two versions: one Upright Version and one Inverted Version.  Both are included in our pattern, along with a bonus for those who own a cutting machine—SVG files!!!.

So from the Great White North & the Land Down Under, Stay Safe, Stay Healthy & we hope you love our Little Wren as much as we do.

Gwen & Natell

Here is just a glimpse of what our fabulous testers did with this versatile pattern!  They will make fantastic stocking stuffers, thank you gifts to match your latest bag sale (made with the left over bits from the bag!), or just because they are cute & useful ..... The Little Wren will soon become a favorite! 



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